Sabine: Elegant Sound Amplification for iPad!

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Sabine BlackiPads are pretty great entertainment devices. They can play movies, music, and fun games. But as owners of iPads know, the one problem in the way of full enjoyment is the rear-facing speaker. Fear not, for there is a fix which has not only funded, but it has met stretch goals and opened up more options!

The Sabine by Tommy Reed + 7decibels is an elegant device that attaches to the back of your iPad and redirects the sound toward the front. Sabine is precisely machined from high quality aluminum and grips the iPad with an innovative material. This non-adhesive leaves no residue and can be removed and attached over and over again. If it loses its grip, simply wash it off and let it dry.

Sabine Kids The designers created Sabine in a way that complemented Apple’s design language, paying attention to every minute detail. They chose to use aluminum since it’s 6 times more effective than plastic at reflecting sound. Sabine can work with some iPad cases, but that’s decided by the material used for the case. Sabine will cling to any smooth, hard, flat surface.

Visit the Sabine Kickstarter page for more information or to back the project. Each individual Sabine costs $25 and can come in choice of clear, black, and green anodized finishes.

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