Sony Xperia Z Lock Screen Bypass Found (Video)

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Recently, we’ve been seeing a few Android devices subject to risky flaws. Within the last few weeks, it was majorly Samsung devices. In the wrong hands, one’s smartphone could be compromised by these techniques found to get access past the security lock screen and/or to access the phone’s contents.

Well, published Tuesday by Scott Reed, a video shows steps to quite easily bypass Sony’s Xperia Z phone’s lock screen. It involves (as it normally does) manipulating the emergency call screen, then typing a string of characters to get into the device’s ‘service menu.’ Within the backend system, the hacker can click on the NFC prompt, which pulls up a home button option, that when selected will bring the user to the phone’s home screen.

When we reached out to Sony, we received no comment on their plans to fix the system flaw. We’re expecting an announcement and most likely will see a repair in the next software update. As always, we’ll keep you in the loop.

<Source: YouTube via GSMArena>


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