HTC to Follow Up One With Updated Droid DNA Smartphone

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We were under the impression that HTC was to put all their eggs in a single basket this year with the release of their One. Head of HTC for the UK and Ireland, Phil Roberson had confirmed it with Omio blog at the end of February. If you remember at that time, the One was fresh off of a big New York CIty announcement event, LG had been introducing lots of their models and Samsung Galaxy S4 hype was churning and growing.

It seems that Mr. Roberson’s news was unofficial at the time, as now according to a quote from HTC CMO Benjamin Ho to Taiwan Focus, the company is preparing a “successor” to launch alongside their flagship. Expected to be an updated HTC Butterfly (known as ‘J Butterfly’ in Japan and we in U.S. know it as the Droid DNA,) Ho said that the smartphone can see an expected release “to meet consumer demand.”

Does this seem legit? We’re unsure what to believe anymore.

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  • johnny

    when is the update own the DNA coming