Korg Adds Two Members to Kaoss Family: KP3+ and Kaossilator Pro+, Controlled Chaos at Your Fingertips

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For those who enjoy futuristic, electronic-based music but aren’t quite musically-inclined or conversely, those traditional musicians looking to venture further out into a stranger musical landscape, listen up. Japanese electronic instrument company, Korg has announced the two new Kaoss pads to their already incredible fingertip-synthesized music maker line. And they’re known as the KP3+ Dynamic Effect/Sampler and the Kaossilator Pro+ Dynamic Phase Synthesizer/Loop Recorder.

Both handheld gadgets, each no bigger than a personal pizza box allow users to compose music by means of an X-axis/Y-axis touchpad. This interface makes it super easy to create a tone — using nothing but the tap of a fingertip — or a cohesive melody with a multi-directional swipe. In no time, you can be writing, playing and recording melodies and rhythms, storing them in your sample bank and when needed, using or manipulating their timbre to fit your liking. Easy enough? Cool. Confused? Continue reading.

As I mentioned, the Kaossilator family of instruments requires no music theory or technique to operate; their unique concept presents a true level-playing field for all who desire to create their own sounds. And it can be done while a person’s musical talent is an insignificant factor and with creativity as their only limitation.


An updated KP3, the new KP3+ expands it’s pre-installed effects bank to 150 tones to mess with, which includes 22 new effect programs. Of course it’s a synthesizer, allowing the user to manipulate their chosen effects processors and envelopes, but most important is the KP3+’s looping function. Capable of live recording what’s played through it, it’ll capture and loop the phrase repeatedly, letting the user to add more and more, building it up. It’s Ducking Compressor puts emphasis on the backbeat, meaning your phrase will automatically balance itself into something that makes sense; it’s Vinyl Break feature “simulates the slowing down of a turntable.”

If this is jargon to you, please let this company video below demonstrate what this device can do (far better than I could put into words):

Kaossilator Pro+

Where Korg’s existing Kaossilator line came into being as somewhat of a jamming tool, potentially viewed by some as a toy; their new Kaossilator Pro+ model reckons itself as an all-in-one music making instrument. It features 250 pre-installed sounds that are inspired by popular electronic music, including synthesizer leads, drum sounds (which can be inserted into patterns, then manipulated,) synth basses and sound effects. Korg’s Wavedrum percussion synth, built-in, makes for greater performance capabilities, crossing genres from “hip-hop, chiptune, house, dubstep, new disco, electro, reggaeton and drum ‘n’ bass.”

Again, this may all make the most sense by actually seeing the Kaossilator Pro+ in action:
As previously, both new additions to Korg’s Kaoss line-up provide multiple inputs for connecting other electronic instruments, live instruments, vocal microphones and more. They’re MIDI compatible, expanding music making and performance capabilities to the furthest extent of modern music. If digital MIDI means something to you, then you’re most likely already visualizing ways to add the KP3+ or Kaossilator Pro+ to your rig.

Korg will set the KP3+ and Kaossillator Pro+ free in April 2013 with a MSRP of $349.99 and $399.99, respectively. You can read up more about these two instruments and Korg’s entire musical product line (which, if you’re unfamiliar, helps comprise the industry standard in modern digital-based music) at the company’s website,

Readers, let me know when you pick one of these up — I’ll grab my theramin and invite my friend to bring her MicroKorg; we can meet at my place and have a weirdo music session!

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