LTE-Enabled Chromebook Pixel Shipping by April 8 for a Whopping $1,449

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Google’s first few Chromebooks have never appeared to be serious competition for traditional laptops but the recently released Pixel has stepped things up more than just a notch. Despite having the same limitations as the other members of it’s family, the Pixel has considerably bumped up the hardware, closing in on Apple’s MacBook in terms of performance.

And yet most tech aficionados would never touch a Chromebook, given the machines are almost completely useless when not connected to the internet. But how about if you don’t only have to rely on Wi-Fi and home network connections?

Interested now? If so, you should know that the 4G LTE-enabled Chromebook Pixel is to start shipping “by April 8”, according to Google’s Play Store. You’ll only be able to connect to Verizon’s LTE, though that’s hardly an inconvenience with Big Red having the most generous coverage in the States.

Unfortunately, the biggest downside remains to be the Pixel’s pricing, as of right now it’s going for a very “premium” $1,449. That’s 200 bucks more than the Wi-Fi only version and it’s basically the same price point as Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Is the Pixel worth all that dough? That’s for you to decide, but we’ll tell you this – aside from the Chrome OS restrictions, it’s almost impossible to find any flaws here.


<Source: Engadget>

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