T-Mobile to Sell Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One for Just $99 Up Front

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Aside from (finally) announcing the iPhone 5 and rolling out new “uncarrier” plans, T-Mobile had a couple of other very tasty nuggets of information to reveal during yesterday’s press conference.

Specifically, we now know how much two of the most sought after Android smartphones of this year will cost on the network. Surprisingly, both the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 will go for $99, unlike on all other major US carriers, where the two phones are expected to be worth 200 bucks each.

Magenta will not ask you to pen a contract for any of the two smartphones, but you’ll still have to pay monthly installments to reach the full retail price of the GS4 and HTC One. And, then some, because you can’t ask for a loan and repay it without interest.

The S4 will require the shelling out of an extra $20 per month for two years, while HTC One’s monthly installments haven’t been detailed yet. But the One is clearly not inferior to Samsung’s newest flagship, so we’re guessing T-Mo will be asking the same $20 for HTC’s phone too.

As for release dates, the S4 is due out on May 1, while the HTC One should land a little sooner. Unless the reported UltraPixel camera shortages don’t compromise yet another ETA, which is a strong possibility unfortunately.


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