Samsung Outs ATIV Smart PC Pro with 4G LTE, Prices it at $1,600

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It’s a tablet. No, it’s an ultrabook. Actually, it’s the best of both worlds. We’re talking about Samsung’s ATIV Smart PC Pro, a tab/notebook hybrid that’s now available in a new flavor, with AT&T 4G LTE speeds.

The new ATIV Smart PC Pro (model number 700TC) is anything but cheap, going for $1,600 via a number of American online retailers. For that price though, you get quite a lot of goodies, including an 11.6-inch multi-touch display with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels resolution and a state-of-the-art 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor.

The keyboard dock is unfortunately sold separately, so 1,600 bucks only buys you the tablet part of the hybrid. But hey, what’s $100 more for a guy that can afford to drop that kind of dough on a gadget.

Getting back to the spec sheet, let’s mention a couple of other things that could make you understand the premium price point is not quite absurd. How does a 128 GB SSD sound? 4 GB of RAM? Windows 8 Pro? Dual cameras? Up to 8 hours of continuous battery life (sans the keyboard dock)? I think you can understand now what’s this fellow’s deal, can’t you?


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