Use a Hot or Cold Drink to Charge Your iPhone with the Epiphany onE Puck

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Epiphany LogoThe Epiphany onE Puck is one of the most unique smartphone chargers that I’ve seen in awhile. No, it’s not solar-powered, nor is it a battery pack.

With onE Puck Y, you’ll never have to hunt for an outlet to charge up your phone again. Just buy yourself a cold beer or a hot cup of coffee and you’ll trickle much-needed energy into your phone before you’re finished.

Epiphany One Puck ColdThe idea behind the Epiphany onE Puck is to use a built-in Stirling engine, powered solely by heat disparities such as a hot or cold drink. These extreme temperature sources provide power to the Stirling engine, enough to fully charge your cell phone battery. Invented in the early 1800s, they’re really nothing new to say about Stirling engines – but thanks to modern materials and modern electronics, they be used now in ways that weren’t possibly imagined previously.

In this case, the mechanics are directly affected by each side of onE Puck, which act like drink coasters. The blue side of the onE Puck is for charging from cold sources and the red side is for hot.

The battery-charging onE Puck is tiny, lightweight and portable, and can be used in all types of situations. It’s great for travel, when an outlet isn’t always available. Work schedules can be unpredictable, yet one predictable aspect of your day may be that hot or cold beverage to keep you and your phone recharged.

You can still get your very own Epiphany onE Puck from their Kickstarter page by pledging $135 to the already-funded project. The only downside is that we all will have to wait about a year to receive it!

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