App Review: MileBug

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Lots of my app reviews involve ways to be more productive on the go. Well, what’s more important to an entrepreneur road warrior than a means of tracking mileage?

Personally, I know that this hits a chord with some people because I was recently listening in on a presentation by a CPA on taxation. When he mentioned tracking mileage, I raised my hand and mentioned MileBug, the app I use. After the presentation, half the attendees came up to me to ask about the app. I’d like to say they then moved over to the CPA to ask questions of him, but I’d be lying. Too bad my throw-away app comment was more relevant than his entire presentation.

So what makes MileBug a great app? How easy it is to use. Let’s face it. If it’s not easy to track your mileage, you’re not going to do it.

How easy is that? Enter your data and off you drive. You can specify presets for places you go frequently, meaning you don’t have to keep typing “Starbucks” over and over.

Of course, you can also specify presets for trip Purpose, allowing you to track multiple businesses and vehicles. You can track mileage for charitable purposes as well, so there’s reason for almost anyone to use it.

Although I haven’t used this specific feature, the app also has GPS tracking. But I prefer to manually enter my start and end mileage.

Entering data in an app may be quick and easy, but what about getting it out of the app? MileBug provides an export feature.

I personally export my data on the last working day of the month, but you could use any frequency that works for you and your business.

It’s a simple app that does its job very well. MileBug is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone and will set you back a whole $2.99. Considering how much you’ll save at the end of the year with accurate mileage tracking, that’s nothing.

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