Google Adds ‘Info Cards’ to Popular Movies in Google Play

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You know when you’re watching a movie and a character looks so familiar to you from their other work, but you just cannot place where you know them from? Regardless how hard you and your friends bounce each other’s best guesses off of one another, it seems that there’s just no way to easily figure it out.

Well, as Google often does, they’ve created a web-based solution for such everyday moments of distress. This one comes in the form of what’s called ‘info cards’ and they are accessible while viewing a movie in the Google Play Movies and TV app on a mobile Android OS-based device (currently this feature is only for Android tablets, though the company has plans to expand it to all smart systems.)

When watching a film, press pause. While the screen is frozen, these info cards will pop up on the perimeter of the screen; one for each character on screen. And inside these boxes, you’ll find some important and fun, relevant information about each actor. Tap on the actor’s face and find out history, previous roles, recent work and other factoids. Resume by pressing play and the card will disappear.

The new feature has been added to “hundreds of movies in Google Play” and more are being added everyday. U.S. tablet users with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above can download the latest version of Google Play Movies and TV app to access the cool new video component.


<Source: Official Android Blog>

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