Lenovo Unveils Compact and Affordable ThinkCentre Edge 62z All-In-One PC

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First considered luxury niche gadgets, all-in-one computers have slowly but steadily moved towards the mainstream PC market. Now you can find an AiO to fit every different need and budget, with various high or low-end hardware components stuffed into the same stylish and thin cases.

But you do have to hunt a while if you want an all-in-one PC with a personality and a special design, as well as a decent price point. Hunt, or keep your eyes peeled on our website, because we have the answer to all your prayers in the form of Lenovo’s brand new ThinkCentre Edge 62z.

This is not quite the most elegant AiO around, but it does sport an innovative space-saving design. According to Lenovo, the 18.5-incher takes only two thirds the space of a regular 20-inch display, so it’s the perfect machine for small businesses, but also small homes.

Due out in May for $549 and up, the ThinkCentre Edge 62z is not exactly a powerhouse. It packs a modest third-gen Intel Core i3 CPU, so don’t think of it as the perfect gaming machine. And yet you do get up to 8 GB of RAM, a 1 TB hard drive and even a DVD burner, so this is your fellow if you’re more the working type than the gamer.


<Source: Lenovo>

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