Rumor: Microsoft is Thinking of Doing Away with Windows RT, Replacing it with Windows Blue

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So, it’s really no secret that Microsoft’s launch into the mobile computing world with their Windows RT operating system went not quite according to their plans. It made somewhat of a splash in terms of market sales and have garnered some truly loyal followers but does it really compete with the heavy hitters, Apple and Google?

On that note, a report from BGR on Thursday says that the company may do away with devices in their Windows RT product line and instead merge upcoming products with the new Windows OS, code-named Windows Blue.

Windows RT devices share the same layout and a nearly identical user interface as Windows 8-powered machines (hence why Windows-powered phones are also known as WP8,) though the Windows RT system “does not support legacy Windows applications and also suffers from compatibility issues and a poor selection of apps.”

That last one — ‘a poor selection of apps’ — is in my opinion, the operating system’s fatal flaw. On a base level, I believe that most ‘regular’ smartphone consumers consider that and look elsewhere at the time of purchase.

Regardless, this rumor is expected to be addressed when Microsoft announces Windows Blue at it’s Build developers conference on June 26th in San Francisco, California.

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