Happy Friday: Funny ‘Honest’ Cable Company Commercial Parody (Video)

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It’s probably safe to say that we’ve all dealt with our fair share of ridiculousness, bestowed complimentary from our local internet providers. Hidden fees, promotions that are too good to be true, bad or weak internet connections, frustrating customer service reps, forced up-selling, etc., etc. and the list goes on…

A comedy troupe who make short YouTube films, ExtremelyDecentFilms, published the following video earlier in the week. Although it’s an obvious exaggeration of the truth, at the same time it really isn’t. What’s alarming is how much of the content in this video is real to life!

Check it out below:

Disclaimer: please take heed, as there are some off-color words used (nothing you haven’t heard before) but if you’re at work or around kids, maybe watch this with headphones on!

I want to high-five these comedians for their harshly accurate satire, am i right?

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