Deal Alert: Verizon’s BlackBerry Z10 Is Just $140 Via Walmart, AT&T Model Goes for $150

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BlackBerry’s newest spearhead, the Z10, may have only began selling in the States a few days ago, but that doesn’t mean you can’t already get it on the cheap. Or, you know, on the cheaper side of the top-tier phone pricing spectrum. That is, if you choose to do business with Walmart instead of going through the usual carriers and retailers.

Wally World has shaved a cool 60 bucks off Z10’s list price, offering it now for a pretty decent $139.99 with Verizon contracts. That’s both for the black and white flavors of the 4.2-incher and the promo is valid for new Big Red customers, as well as existing ones looking for an upgrade.

AT&T’s BlackBerry Z10 goes for a special price too via Walmart – $149.99, which is 50 bucks off the list price. Only the black model is part of the deal, and, like with Verizon’s Z10, the promo is online only, meaning in brick and mortar stores you’ll be asked to cough up 200 full bucks for the phone.

The lucrative deals don’t extend to T-Mobile’s Z10 unfortunately, but if you want that particular model you can find it directly on the carrier’s online store for a cool $99.99 upfront, no contract and $18 monthly payments for two years.


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