Questionable BlackBerry Roadmap Leaks Out, Three Other BB10 Devices Coming Soon?

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Although it’s still way too early to call the BlackBerry Z10 a hit or a flop, it’s obvious BB’s hopes for revival won’t rely exclusively on their newest flagship phone. The soon-released Q10 is seen as a key factor in the Canadian company’s rising from the ashes and it’ll now allegedly be followed by a few other devices slated for launches in the following year or so.

According to a suspicious BlackBerry roadmap leaked out on Twitter, the two upcoming phones will be called U10 and R10. In addition to those, BB is allegedly working on a tablet as well, which doesn’t exactly come as a huge shocker.

Before going any forward, we have to stress out our doubts over this leak’s credibility, seeing as it comes from an anonymous and unverified source.

And yet everything seems to check out. The two Z10 and Q10 follow-ups have been confirmed by Thorsten Heins, BlackBerry’s CEO, a while ago. As for the mystery tablet, it could be a new PlayBook (possibly a 10-incher), or it could just be that the old 7-inch PlayBook will be updated to 10 OS.

Another good guess, this time relating to the U10, is that it will be significantly larger than the Z10. We’re thinking a 5-inch “phablet”, possibly with a Full HD panel, but that’s just a wild guess. Finally, the R10 is to come in Q2 2014, according to the roadmap, so probably not even BB’s officials don’t know how it’ll look yet.


<Source: Twitter>

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