Introducing the Photon by Matterform, an Affordable 3D Scanner on Indiegogo

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I wrote about the CADScan 3D Scanner a couple months back, an easy-to-use 3D modeler coming from the UK offered on Kickstarter for £650 ($990 USD) but an alternative, cheaper 3D Scanner just came into town.  Canadian start-up Matterform is now crowd-funding their Photon 3D Scanner on Indiegogo, and you can get your own for just $399 Canadian (about $392 USD at current exchange rates).

The scanning platform is slightly smaller than the CADScan, (190mm x 190mm x 250mm versus CADScan’s 250mm cubed), but the device is lightweight and portable, and can scan in as few as three minutes. You can fold it up and tuck it away too, so it doesn’t take up all your desk space. It’s designed to work right out of the box, with very little technical knowledge needed to get started.

Get your own Photon on IndieGoGo here. Here’s their pitch:

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