Rumor: Online Retailer Will Rent Out Google Glass Starting April 30

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So you’re dying to get your hands on a pair of Google Glass but sadly you’re not a developer nor one of the lucky 4,238 Twitter handles selected to test a pair after shouting-out the company via their #ifihadglass hashtag. But fret not, as online retailer has made the futuristic smart accessory available on their website Monday for rent.

Yes, you’ll be able to rent a pair of Google Glass like a set of bowling shoes or a VHS movie. April Fools prank? We’re not totally sure what to believe but their Glass rental rates, to be made available April 30 are as followed:

Rental Rates
•    3 days: $105
•    1 week: $150
•    10 days: $215
•    2 weeks: 290
•    3 weeks: 379
•    4 weeks: 499

The company listed specs as well — pretty much on par with what we had been expecting:

•    720p HD Video
•    Bluetooth 4.0
•    Broadcom 2.40GHz 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi
•    Vibrating Speaker/Bone-Conduction Audio
•    Head-Mounted Display
•    Voice Command Processing
•    GPS
•    Time Lapse Capability (1 image every 10 secs)
•    640-360 Eyepiece Resolution
•    Microphone

We’re expecting to find out the legitimacy of the news later today and we’ll keep you in the loop. But say this is the real deal, who’s interested in renting Glass at the end of the month?


<Source: Phandroid via BorrowLenses>

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