Samsung HW-F750 AirTrack: A Sleek, Elegant Wireless Soundbar

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The Samsung HW-F750 AirTrack is the world’s first soundbar with a built-in vacuum tube amplifier and with completely wireless Bluetooth connectivity to a TV, delivering a truly immersing and seamless home theater experience.

Inspired by the sleek silhouette of modern buildings, Samsung designed the HW-F750 AirTrack with rounded edges and a stainless metal casing, enabling it to blend effortlessly into any environment.

Samsung HW-F750 AirTrack SoundbarSamsung’s SoundShare technology connects AirTrack to a TV completely wirelessly via Bluetooth. Users can also turn the power on and off and control the AirTrack using the TV’s remote control.

The Gyroscope Sensor gauges height, rotation and slope to optimize sound quality in a horizontal or vertical position. This helps deliver stunning, high-quality home theater experience.

The unique position of the speakers on top of the HW-F750 provides consumers with optimal sound quality whether the AirTrack is installed on the wall or placed on the surface of a table.

As the built-in vacuum tube amplifier reduces disturbing background noises, it provides a warm, rich, and enveloping sound. It also emits a warm and soft glow when in operation which provides the AirTrack with an elegant look.

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