Mint Green Nokia Lumia 920 Coming Soon to Asia?

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Even if all rumors seem to point at Nokia prepping a new flagship Windows Phone 8-powered handheld going by the Lumia 928 name, that doesn’t mean the Finnish will be leaving the current spearhead, the Lumia 920, to dust.

Quite on the contrary, as there seems to be a new playfully colored edition of the 920 in the works. The “mint green” version has been pictured by the official Facebook account of Nokia’s Jordan branch, meaning it’s likely to be soon unveiled in Asia.

Chances are the green painted Lumia 920 will be landing on other continents too, given that, well, it looks really snazzy and sexy. The 4.5-incher is for now available in five different hues – black, gray, red, yellow and white.

Of course, before getting an official unveiling of the new 920 model, we should probably take the photo with a pinch of salt. After all, it has been posted on the eve of this year’s April Fools’, so we shouldn’t be shocked if it proves to be a fake. Only, you know, if it does, it’s not exactly the funniest joke ever.


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