Ematic Unveils Genesis Prime, a Crazy Affordable 7-Inch Tablet with Jelly Bean

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Probably unknown to most of our readers, Ematic is a US-based consumer electronics manufacturer with close to three decades of experience in the field. The company is focused mostly on educational tablets but also on slates targeted for the budget-conscious user.

And if you’re not yet familiar with the Ematic name, the freshly unveiled Genesis Prime tab should put the Android OEM on the map once and for all. The Prime is far from a high-end gadget, packing very little heat, but at $80 it’s ideal for any light or first-time tablet user.

Also, in all honesty, this fellow’s spec sheet is not as bad as one would expect. Granted, there are still a few holes in the official list of features, however, based on what we know, the Genesis Prime is worth its price and then some.

The 7-inch capacitive touchscreen boasts an unspecified resolution, which is never a good sign, but there’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out the box with full Google Play access. The undetailed processor (hopefully a dual-core unit) is clocked at 1.1 GHz, there are 4 GB of on-board memory, 512 MB of RAM, a front-facing VGA camera, Wi-Fi and USB 2.0.

We’re not too psyched about the battery (rated at a measly 4.5 hours autonomy), but at least the Ematic Genesis Prime is elegant, weighing in at 0.59 pounds and measuring 0.39 inches in thickness. Listed on Amazon already, the 7-incher is to go on sale “soon.”


<Source: Ubergizmo>

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