Not Hearing Things as Loud as You Should Be? VitaSound’s Personal Audio Enhancer Can Help Out With That

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VitaSound Audio creates some of the most celebrated audio-enhancement products. With a passion to help those who struggle hearing in various social settings, the neural-based audio company has rolled out their new addition to the industry on Tuesday.

And they did that so by means of their Personal Audio Enhancer or PAE-300, VitaSound kept things simple, lightweight and durable, sleek and portable and effective at doing it’s job. A handset device, the PAE-300 is equipped with a built-in wireless transmitter, earphones with a microphone, a carrying case, A/C adapter and cables to plug it into televisions, audio systems and the like.

Using what the company calls a Neuro-Compensator, VitaSound PAE-300 does more than amplify volume from an audio source — additionally, it enhances the quality of the audio. This next-level software acts as a digital sound processor and it uses “leading-edge brain science to optimize incoming audio and prove users with a clear and natural listening experience.”

It features four settings, each designed ideally for some of the most common hard-of-hearing situations. First is ‘Watch Mode,’ which was made for watching television and which can be utilized with up to a 33-foot range wireless connection. Next is ‘Talk Mode” for interpersonal communication in loud or noisy restaurant-type environments. Also, ‘Listen Mode,’ made for talking on a cell phone or listening to a mobile music player. And lastly, ‘Relax Mode,’ designed with the capability to playback soothing sounds for relaxation or temporary relief of tinnitus.

“Each person is unique and the same  can be said for their listening preferences. By utilizing Neuro-Compensator technology, users are able to choose the Neural EQ mode that matches the prediction,” comments Gora Ganguli, CEO of VitaSound. “Simply put, the PAE-300 is the most sophisticated sound enhancement product on the market today. We believe nothing is more important for someone with situational hearing difficulties that to feel engaged in their surroundings and our product gives users that feeling.”

Packaged with a handy carrying case and an internal, 14-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Personal Audio Enhancer leaves it up to you in choosing to use standard 3.5mm stereo jacks, optical or Coaxial jacks. Find out more information such as pricing, purchasing and featured technology from the company’s website, their blog or their Facebook page today.

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  • Hazel Blue

    I like that it is small but has a lot of uses. It is very simple, light weight and very handy. It can adapt to my needs. I am willing to acquire this item.