Samsung Galaxy S4 To Cost $200 on AT&T After All

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After making the Galaxy S3 the biggest box-office hit in Android history, you’d think Samsung’s mission in achieving world fame with the GS4 would be a piece of cake. Only the S4 has a lot more challengers to the throne than the S3 had one year ago, starting with the iPhone 5, BlackBerry Z10, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z.

Which means Sammy can’t afford a false start in S4’s global rollout. But after AT&T announced the 5-incher will cost $250 and up on the network with 2-year contracts, there appeared to be some trouble in the Galaxy.

After all, why would Ma Bell’s customers want to pay extra for the S4 compared with the $200 iPhone 5? Or the $200 HTC One, which also has double the GS4’s storage? Well, they probably wouldn’t want that, but fortunately AT&T has made it all better by updating the initial announcement and posting a new pricing structure.

According to this, the Galaxy S4 will after all go for $199.99 in its 16 GB flavor and $249.99 with 32 GB of on-board storage, which is exactly what AT&T charges for Apple’s iPhone 5. We don’t know exactly if the first announcement was a mishap or if America’s second carrier simply decided to listen to its public, but whatever it was we’re glad to see it all fixed. Aren’t you?


<Source: AT&T>

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