LIT: The Activity Tracker for Action Sports

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Have you ever been curious to know your personal ‘bests’ when it comes to working out? Or maybe you wanted to prove to someone that you accomplished an unbelievable feat? Well if you’re ready for action and willing to score and track yourself, then you’ll want to hit up the LIT page on Indiegogo. 

LIT prototypeLIT is a modular, rugged, water resistant, activity tracker designed for the action sports lifestyle.  It recognizes the movements in action sports and applies tailored algorithms to analyze and score movements during sessions.

LIT also scores day-to-day activities, like walking and running. Advanced sensors analyze your movements, scoring both activity and action by interpreting steps, distance, duration, intensity, strokes, paddles, jumps, rotations, turns, g-force, airtime, and more.

Earn points for activity and bonuses for action. Points become the currency used to challenge yourself, your friends, and the world.

LIT appTake or import photos or video. Once synced, LIT will automatically tag highlights (i.e. jumps, turns, airtime, max-g’s) so you no longer need to wade through hours of useless video just to find that 15 seconds of fame.

“LIT is more than an activity tracker, it’s a lifestyle,” explains Michael Ford, co-founder and President of NZN Labs, Inc. “LIT provides people the opportunity to share and compare what they love to do, whether its surfing, skating, snowboarding, motocross or other lifestyle sports. With LIT, you not only can tell your friends what you did, but you can back it up with stats, photos, video and your score. LIT gives you the ability to live an action-inspired lifestyle and is built to go where you go.”



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