Leaked: Facebook Phone User Interface (Photos)

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So for the most part, the cats pretty much out of the bag, right? At first it was only speculations but now we have a fairly certain idea as to what Facebook has up it’s sleeve for their “new home on Android” event on Thursday. And we think that it involves a new HTC phone. (I’ll let you connect the dots.)

The always helpful Twitter account, @evleaks, has brought the world some leaks worth conjecture. Wednesday, we get what appears to be the rumored Facebook Android phone, running Android — or the Facebook-centric version, for that matter.

We can see on the phone’s main screen that one’s Facebook news feed plays an fundamental part of this OS, popping up right on the homepage.

These leaks, found below, show the phone’s homepage, photo screen and application list page. Overall, it appears not too different from Android as we already know and love it.

See the stock Gallery, Camera and Settings screens in the photos below.

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