Twitter Updates Android and iPhone Apps, Mobile Web

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Twitter mobile app updateTwitter announced in a blog post a few visual changes to it’s mobile apps and it’s mobile Web version. Each app variant will show more content in expanded tweets, including photo galleries, apps and product listings.

Android users will see larger, wider timelines and a flat navigation bar. You can also swipe to switch between each tab, instead of tapping to view updates, making functionality faster and easier. Also, as you type your next tweet, you’ll start to see relevant hashtag and username suggestions to make tagging less time-consuming. Just click on the @ or # symbol below your tweet and related suggestions will pop up.

Twitter also included suggestions for other apps at the bottom of a tweet. For example, if you open a Foursquare photo, a link to open the photo in the Foursquare app (or to download the app if you don’t already have it installed) will appear.

What do you think of these brave new Twitter updates?

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