Rumor: Nokia Catwalk (AKA Lumia 928) To Be Introduced in London on May 15

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Nokia_Lumia_928_Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and BlackBerry have all announced their (first) 2013 flagship phones, meaning out of the big guys Apple and Nokia are the only ones to still rely on 2012 high-end devices. But if the iPhone 5 sales are set to keep Apple in the loop for a good extra few months, the Lumia 920 is not even close of a box-office hit anymore.

Which means Nokia has to step up its game and it has to do so yesterday. Fortunately, rumor has it the company’s next spearhead, the Lumia 928 or Catwalk, will be introduced next month, on the 15th, in London.

The phone’s looks are carefully kept secret, but, according to “inside” sources, the 928 will resemble the 720 more than the 920, all while being lighter than the current top of the line Nokia handheld. Verizon is most likely to get American exclusivity of the “Catwalk” and Big Red will be offering the phone in white, black and cyan besides red.

As for specs, we still don’t know much, except the 928 will be a 4.5-incher with an OLED screen, on-board Windows Phone 8 and a possibly outstanding camera with both Xenon and LED Flash. London, you have our attention!


<Source: Phone Arena>

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