Reports Show iPhone Marketshare Up, Samsung Slowly Growing

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I’m not sure about you but I’ve been seeing lots of recent articles explaining how Apple should be more like Samsung or they’ll be at risk to lose marketshares. I wasn’t sure I believed it and here’s some data that seems to indicate the opposite:

Smartphone OEMs

According to comScore’s most recent report, Apple’s share rose 3.9 points over the three months ending in February, to 38.9%, while Samsung’s rose only 1%, to 21.3%. That’s hardly an indication that Apple is losing at the smartphone game. It does, however, confirm that right now Apple and Samsung are the two main players, with, together, about 60% of the market.

Another interesting chart is the market share by platform.

Smartphone platform share

While Google still has over 50% of the share by platform, they did drop slightly over the same period, by 2 percentage points. From the data, it looks like Apple took share about equally from Google and Blackberry.

Obviously that period didn’t take into account the new Blackberry 10 release. It will be interesting to see what changes in the next three months.

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