Another Samsung Galaxy S2 Version, The Exynos-Based GT-I9100P, Gets Jelly Bean Bump

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly BeanEven if it appeared like the Jelly Bean update circle was closing for Samsung’s Galaxy S2 back in February, a few loose ends remained up in the air. Thankfully, Sammy is taking care of those too and after rolling out Android 4.1 for Sprint’s GS2 Epic Touch, it’s now doing the same for one of the European-specific versions of the phone.

Namely, the Galaxy S2 carrying the GT-I9100P model number is getting the JB bump, both OTA (over-the-air) and through Samsung Kies. We of course recommend you the former option, as it’s the most convenient, but if for some reason you’re yet to receive an automatic prompt message to download and install the new and hefty software pack, using Kies is not that uncomfortable after all.

The GT-I9100P model is one that’s still packing a lot of punch, even if it has been released two years back, so don’t be afraid Android 4.1.2 will feel clunky. On the contrary in fact, as the dual-core Exynos CPU and 1 GB of RAM inside the thing seem like the perfect hardware configuration for a silk and smooth Jelly Bean experience.

You probably already know what you’re in for with the upgrade, but if you don’t, we’ll tell you this – it’s massive. There’s a new UI in store for you (TouchWiz Nature), Google Now integration, a heap of Project Butter performance enhancements, and numerous other goodies, some smaller, some bigger, but all set to make your Android experience better.


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