T-Mobile Mistakenly Charges Shipping on iPhone 5 Pre-Orders

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t-mobileI think it’s fair to say T-Mobile hasn’t experienced such high demand for a phone in a very long time. With today’s launch of iPhone 5 pre-orders, there have been some technical errors on T-Mobile’s side. Although you may not encounter errors that will prevent you from ordering the phone anymore, you will probably be charged for shipping. The problem is T-Mobile’s website explicitly states “free shipping plus no activation fees” on ground orders. If this happened to you, you’re entitled to a credit.

When attempting to complete an iPhone 5 pre-order, T-Mobile will present you a few shipping options. The prices are $6.99 for 5-7 day shipping, $14.99 for 3-4 day shipping and $24.99 for overnight shipping. If you’re not looking for expedited shipping, you shouldn’t be charged $6.99. We’ve spoken to a T-Mobile representative who confirmed this. It was also confirmed by a representative using the T-Mobile Support Facebook application. If you got charged, just speak to a representative. They should tell you your account will be credited for the shipping charges.

It’s certainly a busy day for T-Mobile. If you call in, be prepared to possibly wait longer than usual. They’re experiencing high call volumes today.

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  • pc08092

    I have never been so disgusted with T-Mobile. I have spent hours on the phone Friday and Saturday trying to preorder I’m to the point of dropping them. I didn’t even notice they were charging me shipping, thanks for putting that out there. Last rep I spoke to simply told me to wait until April 12th and go to a store and pick up a phone – yeah, like I’ll be able to find a phone on the 12th. Guess I’ll just keep trying online for now since even support can’t help me with the error message I keep getting it seems (has nothing to do with the fact they are overwhelmed from this offer). Oh, they did manage to change my plan though so it’s compatible with the iPhone, nice of them, now I’m paying more for that without even knowing if I’ll get the phone in the near future.