The Pelican Vault for the iPhone 5 Is Tougher Than You

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Pelican Products, Inc. announced that, for the first time in company history, it is launching fully-interactive mobile electronics protection with the Pelican ProGear Vault and Pelican ProGear Protector Series cases for the Apple iPhone 5.

Pelican ProGear CE1180Matching the sleek precision of the iPhone 5, the CE1180 Pelican ProGear Vault case is slim and lightweight. Made with engineering-grade aluminum and polymer materials, the Vault’s full-enclosure design provides defense from wind-driven rain, snow and dust along with insulating elastomeric shock and impact protection.

Each function button is made with aircraft-grade aluminum for precise control. Its water-resistant membrane covers the microphone and speakers to discourage water ingress without hindering audio fidelity. The CE1180 Pelican ProGear Vault case also features a durable screen cover with anti-scratch technology and flush-fitting stainless steel hex-head machine screws.

Pelican ProGear CE1150To defend smartphones from daily drops and typical wear and tear, Pelican Products’ engineers have created two levels of protection in the CE1150 Pelican ProGear Protector case for the iPhone 5. Its first line of defense is a tough, shock-deflecting outer shell that saves the iPhone’s glass face from direct impact on flat surfaces.

The second level is a soft, elastomeric interior lining to protect the device from scratches and impact. Additionally, the outer shell has a smooth finish to allow the case to slide easily into pockets and bags.

Both of the cases are guaranteed for Life. The Pelican ProGear Vault and Pelican ProGear Protector are now available at



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