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Facebook HomeFacebook Home isn’t scheduled to release until April 12, but you don’t have to wait that long to try. An early build of Facebook Home was put online today by MoDaCo. It consists of three APKs that need to be installed – the primary Facebook app, the new Messenger app and the Facebook Home launcher app. In order to install any of these, your device must have a maximum resolution of 1280×768 and you need to be able to uninstall the main Facebook app. 

Since this is a leaked build, there are some things that aren’t working. For example the camera shortcut, status update, check-in and photo upload shortcuts don’t work. It’s also missing Chat Heads which is arguably Facebook Home’s best feature. Chat Heads lets you message people from any app through a small overlay.

When you get down into it, you’ll see Facebook Home isn’t as complicated as it may appear. Your main screen shows new content your friends have uploaded to Facebook whether it be a photo or regular status message. It doesn’t seem to show updates in any particular order, so it’s not a direct copy of your News Feed. I do like how Facebook uses your friend’s cover photo as the background to their non-photo updates. It looks quite nice and elegant.

Source [MoDaCo]

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