Rumor: T-Mobile US Currently Testing Sony Xperia Z, Release Could Happen Any Day Now

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Sony-Xperia-Z-T-Mobile-USAEveryone might be talking about Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and the HTC One nowadays, but Sony’s Xperia Z should be regarded as a strong contender for this year’s Android crown too. After all, the 5-incher is a sexy mo-fo, has a blazing fast CPU beneath its hood, 2 GB of RAM, a state-of-the art 13 MP camera, a Full HD screen and on top of it all water and dust protection.

So why is everyone ignoring it despite this sensational spec sheet? Well, it’s mostly because an American release with anyone of the nation’s major carriers has seemed unlikely until now. The key words here being “until now”, because apparently T-Mobile is currently testing the Z and planning a soon to happen launch.

This is a pretty big shocker, seeing as Magenta has last carried a Sony handheld back in 2009 – the clamshell Sony Ericsson Equinox “dumb” phone. Then again, with T-Mo finally selling the iPhone and ditching contracts, it’s obvious the network is turning the page and stepping things up a notch (or several).

If T-Mobile is to carry the Xperia Z (and we’d like to stress the “if” in the equation), chances are the phone will not look any different from the already released “international” model. As for pricing, we suspect the 5-incher will go for $99 upfront, with an extra 24 monthly payments of around 20 bucks each.

Via [Tmo News]

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