Gigabyte Aivia Neon, On-the-Go All-in-One Mouse

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GigabyteNot satisfied to rest on their laurels, Gigabyte has made available their new Aivia Neon Touch-Charge Air Presenter mouse. This comes only a few months after their Aivia Krypton Gaming Mouse won the 2013 iF Design Award this January. The Aivia Neon packs some big features that come in handy for an office professional, especially one on-the-go. The Gigabyte Aivia Neon brilliantly combines the functionality of a wireless mouse with the versatility of a wireless presenter.

Gigabyte Aivia Neon AirLifting the mouse off any surface automatically activates the air-mouse mode. While in air-mouse mode pressing the air-mouse key will allow you to move the mouse cursor intuitively. Put it back down to deactivate the mode.

The Gigabyte Aivia Neon also has a built-in laser pointer that works without needing the nano-receiver. The nano-receiver does double-duty as the wireless dongle as well as the charging port. Simply open the battery cover and attach to the USB nano-receiver. An indicator light will start to blink to show that the battery is charging.

Gigabyte Aivia Neon ChargeThe 1200 DPI professional laser sensor is encased in the supreme ergonomic design to maximize comfort and reduce hand strain. There is no need to sacrifice comfort for quality here.

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