Rumor: Microsoft Prepping 7-Inch Windows-Powered Surface Tablet

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MicrosoftAs sales of traditional computing machines continue to drop at an alarming pace, every major player involved in the business is trying to shake things up in order to survive. We’re seeing thinner and more portable laptops unveiled on a weekly basis, as well as hybrids and wackier and wackier combos.

Everyone seems to agree that tablets are also the future, which is why it shouldn’t come as a shocker that Microsoft is working hard at the next generation of Surface slates. What could be a little surprising is one of the second-gen Surfaces is rumored to boast a 7-inch display, which would put it in the same league with Google’s ultra-affordable Nexus 7 and very close to Apple’s iPad Mini.

The news comes from The Wall Street Journal and their usually trustworthy inside sources, but, in lack of an official confirmation, it should still be treated as speculation for now.

There are no specifics on specs and technical details, but it is widely believed the 7-inch Surface will sport a modest 1,024 x 768 pixels resolution panel in order to keep pricing low.

Aside from this little fellow, Microsoft should also unveil later this year successors for last year’s 10-inch Surface Pro and RT. Or at least the former, because the latter has proven to be a massive flop, so maybe its manufacturers will do the humane thing and bury the “project” somewhere far, far away.


<Source: Engadget>

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