Get Green: Help Plicopá Bring Their Handsome Eco-Friendly Tablet Covers to Life

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plicopa_case_tuttiAll you ‘green heads,’ this one is for you. Italian startup, Plicopá is trying to launch their patent-pending iPad case design, made from 100-percent recycled materials. With just a quick maneuver of the corrugated cardboard-made accessory, Plicopá doubles as a tablet stand — perfect for referencing recipes in the kitchen, guitar chords in your home studio or just simply watching your favorite movies on the couch.

Currently seeking crowd sourcing help on indiegogo to the tune of 25,000€ or about $33,000, the two person team sought out to create a simple-to-use tablet stand that was both efficient and eco-friendly, without sacrificing style. And currently with 60 beautiful and diverse illustrations created by various artists and designers, Plicopá is an eye-catching, fun and inviting iPad (or any full-sized tablet) case. So long, drab monochromatic cases!

Check out their pitch:

plicopa_usabilityOoh, how I love their accents, don’t you? Especially when they say the brand name, “Pli-co-pah!” I find these guys likable and compared to other crowd sourced products in the same vein, their $33 grand seems like peanuts. At the time of this article’s publication, they’re at 24 days left to reach their goal.

Funding that the team hopes to earn will go into materials, production and most important, the free Plicopápp. When rolled out, the app will allow users to create and customize their own Plicopá cover by uploading their own images and doing some basic editing, adding text and other options.

The company has some pretty sweet rewards for backers, including an option to add your name to the case, exclusive company insider info, a personalized thanks from the designers and others. An entry level bid to grab yours is at 24€.

Check it out today and support the cause. An added bonus: you’ll have the prettiest looking tablet case, which will undoubtedly be a conversation piece when you’re out and about (it can help you make friends!)

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  • Carla Martins

    Check here our latest update video, talking about what we’ve done till now

    • Matthew Marchesano

      Grazie, Carla!

  • Plicopá

    We’re glad to announce that Plicopá made its first debut in UK last Saturday at London Design Festival: now you can choose a white canvas to personalise it or a beautiful illustration from our designers-friends! Make us a visit at
    Ps: delivery only for UK, EU and Brazil.

    • Matthew Marchesano

      Hey Carla,

      Thanks for the update. Congratulations. I’m so pleased to see you guys are doing well and reaching new heights with your awesome style. Keep in touch and be well!