From Android to iPhone: The First 24 Hours

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iphone 5 blackAfter four years of using Android smartphones every day, I decided to make the switch to iOS. I’ve experienced many ups and downs with Android, but couldn’t help but wonder what things could be like on the other side. Now that T-Mobile carries the iPhone, my transition is complete. A lot of impressions are formed after getting a new device, so I decided to recall my first full day of iPhone ownership.

I’ve been around the iPhone for a long time, but I’ve never spent an extended amount of time with one. My first impressions after taking it out of the box was how light and solid the phone feels. I understood why people love phones that aren’t mostly constructed out of plastic. It just feels good to hold. I loved the whole design of the phone until I got around to the nano SIM tray. I hate the nano SIM tray. I didn’t get a dedicated tool to open it, so I had to use a paper clip. The last thing I wanted to do with my shiny new iPhone 5 was risk scratching it with a paper clip. But since I needed the SIM card number for activation, I had no choice.

I took to the smaller 4-inch screen better than I thought I would. I made some typing errors due to the decreased screen size, but it’s nothing I won’t get used to. I will say it’s nice to be able to operate my phone with one hand again. Fiddling around with a 4.5-inch screen and dropping it on my face in bed was starting to get irritating.

As for the iOS UI design – well, it’s kind of boring. I know a lot of people have been saying iOS has become stale and I have to agree. I’m not asking for a bunch of widgets everywhere, I just think Apple should do something different with iOS. If it were to create an equivalent of widgets, I’d be happy if they were applied in a way similar to Action Launcher for Android. A simple swipe on an app’s icon automatically brings up its widget. It saves space and provides access to a decent amount of information. I think the overall design of iOS is far surpassed by Android at this point.

Regardless of all the bells and whistles, no phone would be worth any money if its performance is bad. That said, I’m loving the performance. Chrome works better on iOS compared to Android, and all the apps I tried were smooth. It’s nice knowing everything I download will be compatible with my phone. I’m sure some apps will crash on occasion  but I like not having to worry about if a certain app supports my phone.

Those are my first impressions after a day as a new iPhone user. So far, I’m really happy with it.

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  • Juli Monroe

    I’ll be curious to see your impressions as you use the phone. I’ve been an iPhone user for years, and my Nexus 7 (and widgets) are making me consider a switch to Android for my next phone. But your second-to-last paragraph summed up my concerns. While I love my Nexus 7, I’ve not found apps to be as solid as apps on the iPhone.

  • Joel

    If your iPhone was brand-new, you should’ve gotten the dedicated tool for opening the SIM tray. It’s located in the small box containing the phones documentation.

    • Jeremy Hill

      I thought it would be too, but it’s not there.

  • Android to iOS

    Well I recently moved from TMobile to AT&T. Not my choice. My company pays the bill so I did not protest. I also made the move to the IPhone 5 because I was told my company’s mail work better with it.

    It is important when comparing Android to iOS not to confuse the operating system with the hardware. Since Apple is the only company using iOS it is simple but there are many manufacturers making phones that use the Android operating system. It is only fair to compare an equivalently priced phone with the Android operating system to the Apple phone you are comparing. I am comparing an HTC My touch 4g (Launch Nov. 2010) to the IPhone 5.

    All in all I am very unimpressed with both the IPhone 5 and iOS.

    My first day I was lost without swipe texting. For you Apple people that is a function that once you get used to it makes texting super fast and easy. No more accidental key hitting. Np I feel like I have gone back in time by 3 to 4 years.

    Google maps works much better with Android. You can find anything. The phone always knows where you are and will get you there fast with turn by turn. I know all about Seri. Just a gimmick.

    The IPhone 5 is too long for my pocket. The screen is a good size but come on Apple figure out how to get the electronics under the screen.

    The speaker is ported through the end of the phone does not work well. All I had to do with my HTC was place it on a desk upside down and it automatically became a speaker phone that you could use.

    The noise cancellation software does not work on the IPhone. if there is background noise it cancels everything. Your only hope to be heard is turn the speaker on and talk directly into the end.

    The Apple cloud is a joke. Just an attempt by Apple to make you dependent on them for music purchases and every thing else.

    Oh yes and I really miss my home and back buttons. The one button for everything just doesn’t work.

    What’s with the “Lighting” connector. The micro USB connector is smaller and standard. I bought a bunch of micro USB to Lighting adaptors on line. Only cost a few bucks but worth it because as all IPhone users know the battery dies all the time.

    As for the App market. There are many that Apple does not approve of therefore you don’t get them. Oh and don’t think that just because Apple “tested” an app means it will work. No so. Just another attempt by Apple to control the market.

    I hope you like ITunes because that is what you have to use just to save a file like a picture to your phone. Ridiculous.

    Well there are two positives.
    The phone works well as an Ipod.
    The camera and camera software work well.

    My advice go with a decent Android device.

    There are plenty of them on the market.

  • maxx

    I just recently moved from the iphone 5 to the Samsung galaxy s3 and can say I am more happy with it though I wish I waited for the s4. My switch was because of two issues, one being that the screen on both my old iphone 4s and recent iphone 5 shattered and needed to be replaced from minor drops. Second, I had battery issues with my iphone 5 after 3 months of use. I’m much more happy with android now I can admit with a non bias opinion as I’m much more happy with the futures and capabilities of the s3 and jelly bean software version and can say confidently that I’m not going back to apple any time soon. Its just a much more fun, customizable experience and the added flipboard and widgets make my home screen entertaining.