Sony Xperia Go Getting Jelly Bean Update This Month, Xperia S to Follow in May

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Jelly-Bean-updatesDespite being awfully busy with several new and exciting smartphone launches, Sony has found the time to show some love to some of its old handhelds too during the past few months. The Xperia T, TL, TX and V have all gotten their Jelly Bean bumps of late, while apparently the Xperia go and S will be next in line.

That’s at least according to official information from French carrier SFR. Now, SFR might only have intel on ETAs for JB updates on the network, but chances are other models of the two phones will be getting Android 4.1 bumps at around the same time.

With that in mind, we can expect the Xperia go (aka Xperia advance) to take it to the next level all around Europe by the end of this month, whereas Xperia S owners will unfortunately have to wait until sometime in May to get a Jelly Bean taste.

SFR’s upgrading schedule doesn’t only include Sony handhelds due out for Jelly Bean updates, but also phones from Samsung, Motorola, HTC and LG. However, there are not a lot of other surprises worth mentioning.

The Galaxy Note, already upgraded in certain regions, will be getting JB in France in May, just like the Galaxy Beam. As for LG’s Optimus L7, this is due for a 4.1 bump in the country this month, after having received the same update elsewhere. Finally, outside of the Android world, Nokia’s Lumia 610 and 800 are to leap to Windows Phone 7.8 in April.


<Source: Xperia Blog>

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  • nanda

    that’s very ,very nice…. i’m using xperia go

    • Ohm Passavudh

      Me too! High Five!

  • shahul hameed

    I’m using Xperia s it will surely come in may r else it will take too long