How Much Do You Love Your Smartphone? More Than Sex? (Infographic)

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The foundation of my spirit energy. (Just kidding.)

For some people, a cellphone is possibly the most intimate item in their lives. Understandably so, especially considering how much personal information we sift through them each day. Personal interests and private conversations, favorite applications, media, social networking and so much more; by adding ‘smart’ to the mobile phone, we’ve turned our portable, pocket-sized telephones into our dedicated, personal assistants.

How often is your smartphone on you? I wouldn’t call it a hasty generalization in saying that most people keep theirs within reach (a pocket, desk, etc.) throughout their entire waking hours, each day. And at night, it sleeps on a table right beside them.

Now on that note, imagine if your mobile device was the only thing you could sleep with.

What do you think about that? Or how about having to choose between having sex or having your cellphone for the rest of your life? You can only have one and you can’t change your mind.

Alright, I’m sorry, that’s harsh — how about for one week instead?

Well, if you’re thinking “my phone,” you are by no means alone. A poll conducted by Sachs Media Group found that today’s Americans are twice as willing to go without sex for a week than without their smartphones for a week!

Participants were questioned about which of the following indulgences they would be least inclined to ever give up: sex, smartphone, alcohol or caffeine. Have a closer look at the awesome info graphic below (click):

The company’s highlights are as followed:

More than twice as many respondents were willing to give up sex instead of their smart phone or caffeine;
Men as a group are least likely to give up alcohol, but women by far preferred their smart phones and caffeine;
Men ages 18-34 are least willing to give up sex – five times less likely than women of the same age group, who favored their smart phones;
The older people get, the less likely they are to give up caffeine compared to the other choices;
The demographic most committed to their smart phones are ages 35 to 49; and
Democrats are least likely to part with alcohol, while Republicans prefer their smart phones. People who identify themselves as Independents have equal allegiance to caffeine and their smart phones.

“Our poll shows that the tech revolution has changed our culture to the point that too many Americans seem to derive more pleasure and satisfaction from their smartphones and text lives than from their relationships and sex lives,” said Ron Sachs, President and CEO of Sachs Media Group. “It’s not necessarily a good sign that smartphones rival alcohol and sex as a certain new American addiction.”

So there you have it. There’s a new addiction sweeping the country and it’s more prevalent, more powerful and more potent than drugs or alcohol. It hits people of all ages similarly and depending on the person, withdrawal can lead to violence and immoderate behavior. Please, fellow Americans, let’s look out for ourselves and each other!

I’m curious to know what you think about this. Please submit your answer in the comments below. No sex or no phone for a week, which one’s it gonna be?


<Source: Sachs Media Group>

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  • Juli Monroe

    You promise not to tell my husband, right? It’s gonna have to be sex. I need the phone for work. Now, if we were talking rest of my life, I might have to figure out how to get work done without the phone. 😉