Mailbox App Now Available Without the Wait

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mailbox-app-1Last week I reviewed the Mailbox app for iPhone and liked it a lot.

Good news if you’re interested but were hesitant about the wait for your number to be called in the reservation system. According to their blog, they’ve scaled the service to handle more than 10 million messages a day, and they’ve dropped the reservation system.

A week later, I still like it as much (or more) than when I wrote the review. If you’re looking to keep your mailbox at zero, get the app now.

I’m hoping they create the Android version soon. I like Mailbox so much that I’ve been known to look at mail on my Nexus 7 and then switch to Mailbox to send them where I want them. It would be so much easier to do it on the same device. Come on, guys!

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