Cool Kickstarter: Disposable Smart Bags for Smartphones

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Smart bagI like hiking, long walks with my dog and other outdoor activities. I also like using my iPhone during those outdoor excursions, whether to keep me entertained with music, using GPS to track my distance or just having a camera with me in case I see something cool. (Bald eagle! Awesome!)

Ask my husband, and he’ll tell you that, yes, I’m obsessed with checking the forecast for rain. And I get very nervous crossing streams. The downside of outdoor activities is water, which as we all know, is really bad for electronic devices.

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 10.51.49 AMI was pretty excited to see this Kickstarter: Smart Bags: Disposable Protection for your Smartphone. The bags are custom-sized for various smartphones, and best of all, they allow you to use the touchscreen while still in the bag. Sure, you can use a plastic baggie, but touchscreen use is dicey under those conditions.

The bags are also environmentally friendly, always a good feature. And you can’t beat the price. A $5 pledge gets you five bags while a $13 pledge gets 30. That’s a pretty reasonable price.

Most of the pledges are specific to a particular brand of phone, and it was interesting to run down the list and see which brands were most pledged, as of 10 AM this morning. The iPhone 5 bag was well in the lead with 61 backers, followed by the iPhone 4/4S with 13. All the Android backers put together were only 13.

Does that mean that Android users aren’t outdoorsy, don’t care about protecting their phones or tend to buy awesome protective cases?

They are about 1/4 of the way to their goal, after a little more than a week, so they are doing well, but they still need more backers. I’ll be pledging. How about you?

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