Tumblr Brings Ads to their Mobile App

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Looks like no social media channel is immune to ads. Today, Tumblr joins the ranks with ads on their mobile devices. Here’s the announcement on their blog.

They seem similar to Twitter promoted posts, and the Tumblr staff assures us we’ll only see them “every now and then.” Naturally, I fired up Tumblr on my iPad to see what they look like. Here’s an example.

Tumblr ad

That’s not too bad. It’s animated, which didn’t come through in the screen shot. If I hadn’t been looking specifically for it, I might have missed it since this is the sort of thing the blogs I follow might have reblogged.

If this is what they are like, it won’t be a deal breaker for me. What about you? Will ads decrease your enjoyment of Tumblr?

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