Pocket App Celebrates 1 Year with New ‘Send to Friend’ Feature

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pocket-send-to-friend-launch-v1So it’s been one year since the inception of the Pocket app or ‘Read it Later’ as it was known previously. Now what’s a better way for a mobile application to ring in it’s first birthday? Well, by adding some new features, of course.

And Pocket did just that with a new ‘Send to Friend’ button that appeared on all of Pocket’s iterations in a software update on Monday. In addition to linking a ‘pocketed’ article to share with your friends and followers through social media, you’re now able to launch it to someone via your personal e-mail address.

Apparently until now, Pocket users have been sharing articles with their buddies about two-times more often through e-mail than through Twitter and Facebook combined. Hence, we now have it’s own, dedicated button.

Personally, I love using Pocket. I grab a few stories before leaving the house in the morning and when opportunities throughout the day arise, I catch up on my reading. Riding the bus and train to work, while eating lunch, while petting my cat, cooking dinner and more — when my Pocket is packed with good stuff, I’m having a good day.

If you want to be like me: Android users, iOS users, Kindle Fire users, web users.


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