Doodle3D Turns Your Sketches into 3D Printed Objects

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f6f326bad831efcb766c9a5634e55bc7_largeWant to get into modelling for your 3D printer but lack the know-how to do so? Take a look at this new invention on Kickstarter which promises to bring 3D modelling to the masses.

Doodle3D (of no relation to the massively successful 3Doodler) is a tool which allows you to turn simple drawings you make in their app (compatible with any computer or mobile device) into printable 3D models. The Kickstarter campaign for the DOodle3D is rewarding those who back $99 or more with the 3Doodler WiFi Box, which connects via USB to a 3D printer, making it wirelessly accessible to any device running the 3Doodler web app.

The Doodle3D team’s goal is to overcome the technical learning-curve necessary to get into 3D modelling by providing a straightforward user interface, giving the average person greater access to this powerful new technology.

Children and the elderly are featured in the pitch (below) to give you a sense of the product’s accessibility. As of writing, the project has nearly reached it’s goal of $50,000, with almost a month still to go for funding the future looks bright. Check it out here:

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