Samsung Galaxy S4 Shipping Early from AT&T, Landing in Physical Stores on April 27

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Samsung Galaxy S4Who’s ready for “the next big thing”? We sure are, especially since Samsung appears to be flawlessly handling the Galaxy S4 U.S. launch. Ready to hit all four American major carriers over the next few weeks, the S4 will apparently ship early from AT&T to a few lucky early adopters.

Initially slated for an April 30 release and still listed as shipping on that date on AT&T’s official website, the 5-incher is to reach some doorsteps five days early, on the 25th. That’s only the first piece of good news for today, with the carrier’s brick and mortar stores apparently due to receive first S4 stock this Saturday, on the 27th.

Meanwhile, Sprint has closed pre-orders early, which could be a bad sign for people who are yet to commit to the S4. As for folks who’ve managed to get their orders in already, these should see their S4s being shipped starting on April 27.

Things are a little quieter on the T-Mobile and Verizon fronts, but it shouldn’t be that way for much longer. Magenta will start selling the S4 online and in select physical stores tomorrow, while Big Red will be once again (un)fashionably late to a big launch party, kicking shipping into gear sometime next month. Who’s getting which version of the Samsung Galaxy S4?


<Source: Android Authority>

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