Best Buy Starts Taking In-Store Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 Pre-Orders

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Samsung Galaxy S4Though not everything is clear in relation to Samsung Galaxy S4’s US release, chances are you’re going to be able to grab the “next big thing” from three of America’s four major carriers by this time next week.

But what about Verizon? Big Red, despite being the number one wireless provider in the States, is being extremely coy on its GS4 plans, only announcing the 5-incher will go on sale “sometime in May”. That’s it, with no exact launch date, no official price point, no nothing.

Still, Verizon can’t keep this charade going for much longer and we suspect the S4 will in fact launch on the network in the first days of May. The latest hint to support this thesis comes from Best Buy, the retailer that’s apparently accepting pre-orders for Big Red’s Galaxy S4 version.

The bad news is you can only pre-order the device in certain BB physical stores, while the pricing continues to be kept secret. So how could you be asked to commit to the 5-incher if you don’t know how much you’ll  pay? Well, it’s not like we don’t have a ballpark already – $200 for the 16 GB model with two-year contracts.

What say you, guys, are you willing to wait for Verizon or will you go for one of the three carriers that seem to have their ducks in a row?


<Source: Droid-Life>

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