Found Google Glass Coding Hints at a Wink-Controlled Photography

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glasswinkFirstly, a small editorial team of Google Glass ‘Explorers,’ or as we know them as, the “lucky S.O.B.’s who got to test-drive Google’s Glass before launch,” have created a Glass-only blog, LivingThruGlass. I recommend following it — it’s a fun blog and perhaps the closest to the high-tech gadget that ‘normies’ like us will ever get to wearing a pair.

Through using and testing Glass, the site has been first to raise new questions and concerns about the post-modern spectacles. Tuesday brings in a very interesting possibility; the speculation that Glass may soon include eye gesture capabilities and namely by blinking, the ability to input commands such as snapping a photo through Glass’ lens.

Found in the MyGlass Android companion app source code was the following stream:


You can see that if this is true, users an enable and disable the wink feature, also calibrate the action and set it to take picture (the last line of code above.)

Pretty awesome, right? But unfortunately, it can pretty intrusive as well. Think about being able to take photos of whatever you’re observing through Glass with an action as slick and discrete as blinking. Now think about all the sick minds in the world. Combine the two and this feature, though incredible and space-aged, can create some voyeuristic dreams-come-true for some creeps who can afford a pair. That could be an issue.

Ethics aside, this technology is truly something new and impressive. And of course it’s worth mentioning that these speculations come based on prototypes that exist on a very small scale, versus the mass production that will come with the device’s official launch.


<Source: LivingThruGlass>

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