New Study Says Hands-Free Texting While Driving is Just as Dangerous

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to-text-or-not-text-while-driving-640USA Today reported Tuesday on a study by the Texas Transportation Institute. Drivers aged 16 to 60 were tested on a closed course. The results? Driver response times were slower no matter which method of texting was used.

How much slower? Twice as slow, even when using hands-free. Worse, no matter which method used, drivers took their eyes off the road. Slower reaction times plus not looking at the road is just a bad combination.

I have to say my own experiences have been similar. A couple of times I needed to let my husband know I was going to be late, and I tried to fire up Siri to send a quick text. It actually took longer to text him with Siri, and yes, my attention was more on my phone than if I had just created the text manually. I don’t text while driving often, but my conclusion was that I was safer waiting for a light and creating it manually.

Interestingly, according to the study, my impression was not the norm. Study participants actually felt safer using the hands-free method.

This latest study just confirms what we all know but often decide to ignore. Texting while driving is just a bad idea.

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