Deal Alert: Amazon and Walmart Now Charging $150 for AT&T’s On-Contract HTC One

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HTC OneHTC has only started selling the One smartphone stateside a few days ago and there are already a couple of retailers that offer it for a “special price”. That can’t be a good sign for HTC, right?

Oh, well, it’s good news for all you stingy high-end smartphone cravers, because this 4.7-inch baby is one of the world’s zippiest handhelds. And for $149.99, which is what Amazon and Walmart are charging for it following the above mentioned price cut, it’s darn affordable too.

Both retailers have only the AT&T variant discounted, but the good news is you can get the HTC One on Ma Bell for 150 bucks with new contracts, as well as on upgrades. We’re of course talking about the 32 GB model, while the 64 GB-er has itself been discounted by Walmart, now going for $249.99.

Meanwhile, AT&T continues to sell the HTC One for $200 in the 32 GB flavor and $300 with double the storage, so if you plan on taking up either Amazon or Walmart on their deals, you’ll be saving a cool 50 bucks all at once.

Running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and due for a 4.2 upgrade in the near future, the One packs a quad-core Snapdragon 600 CPU and 2 GB of RAM beneath its hood while also boasting a Full HD screen, 4G LTE speeds, a 4 Ultrapixel camera and 2,300 mAh battery.


<Source: Android Police>

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