Thermaltake GOrb II Lifts and Cools in a Most Desired Way

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Thermaltake LogoSummer is almost upon us (is already here for some of us), and the one thing with summer and electronics is the tendency for them to overheat. The biggest culprits may likely be laptops – especially those on actual laps. But even when on a flat surface, we can always tell a laptop’s panting when the fans kick on high and whine at us.

I’ve owned a few Coolermaster laptop cooling pads, and they tend to perform admirably. As of late, my issue with the cooling pads has been the added bulk and weight. If I want to relocate myself to a shady backyard or park bench, the cooling pads tend to be cumbersome.

Thermaltake GOrb II LaptopThermaltake has a neat solution that is both functional and portable. The Thermaltake GOrb II is an easy to carry laptop accessory that decreases temperature by creating a gap underneath.

The unique spherical design pulls apart to create feet for the laptop to rest on. Both parts are equipped with fans lit with a blue LED, adding style with additional cooling. The Thermaltake GOrb II features a built-in USB cable with its own storage. The cable is a USB extender, so you don’t end up losing a needed USB port.

What it may lack in cooling power, it makes up with design and portability.

The Thermaltake GOrb II comes in yellow, red, black, and white. Each comes with a hard shell case to carry and protect your GOrb II. There is no pricing or availability as of yet.

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