Rumor: LG Allegedly Planning to Bring Flexible-OLED Screens to Market in Q4 2013

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LG Flexible OLED prototype. Photo:

LG Flexible OLED prototype. Photo:

In the race to first bring flexible OLED touch screens to market, a new rumor puts LG somewhere in the lead. According to a report from Wall Street Journal published on Wednesday, VP at LG Mobile Yoon Bu-hyun stated that his division is working currently with LG Display Company to “introduce a smartphone with a flexible OLED screen in the fourth quarter.”

LG’s flexible OLED project has been in R&D period for a while now, as likewise their main competitor in breaking the new technology, Samsung. The latter company demonstrated their advancements in flexible smartphone screens at CES in January but announced no timeframe of when to expect them to hit the market.

“LG Chem flexible OLED lighting panel” via oledinfo YouTube account.

Whether LG’s plan reaches fruition or not, keep in mind that this will represent the very first example of a brand-new technology — and we all know what that means. Usually first-generation technologies present kinks, bugs, glitches and other issues. Whether being the first to own a smartphone that features a flexible OLED screen is worth it — that’s up to you — but do keep in mind the potential risks involved.


<Source: Gizmodo and OLED-info via WSJ>

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